Top Interview Tips

No matter how qualified you are for a job, it’s your personality, attitude and personal presentation that will make you stand out from the crowd at interviews. Our interview tips will help you to prepare effectively for your next interview.

Do your research

  • You are certain to be asked specific questions about the organisation. Take a look at their website and/or use google to find out about the organisation’s aims and recent news.
  • Know the interviewers’ names and use them during the interview. Look up their profiles on LinkedIn, you might have something common you can relate to in the interview!
  • Ask your Bespoke consultant for additional information on the post. One of the advantages with working with us is that we have an established relationship with our clients, know their culture, the structure of the organisation and can get the answers to your questions.

Practice your answers

Most employers base their interview on competency based questions. This means they are looking for evidence that you have done similar things before or can tackle certain situations. It is important that you make yourself familiar with the job requirements. Go through the job and person specification point by point and write down 2 examples for each point about what you have achieved in each case.

Dress for the occasion

Appearance does matter. Often you will get judged before you’ve even uttered a word. Make sure your clothes fit correctly, your shoes are polished and your accessories are subtle. Dressing one level above the job you’re applying for shows a desire to succeed. Ask your Bespoke consultant about the dress code.

Stay calm

  • Proper preparation helps you to stay in control. Plan your route, allowing some extra time for any unexpected delays. Bring your contact details, spare CV, pen and a notepad with you. Write down any prompts so that you mention everything you need to in the interview.
  • Remember to maintain eye contact with all interviewers, speak clearly and smile. Don’t forget your interviewers are just normal people, and might be nervous too!

Ask Questions

  • You should always have some questions for interviewers to demonstrate your interest in the position. Prepare a minimum of five questions that show that you have thought about the role and the organisation. Possible questions are: What training and development opportunities are you able to offer? How would you describe the culture here? Ask your Bespoke consultant for help.
  • Write the questions down on your notepad and ask your interviewers if you can take notes during the interview. They will say yes, and you can tick off questions as the interview goes along and use the remaining ones at the end of the interview. Taking notes and preparing questions demonstrates that you take active part in the interview. Interviewers love that!

Update your CV and register with Bespoke.

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